The FSRC Wanderer's (Trail Riding Division) 2018 Schedule...
Our 2018 schedule is still a work in progress, with not all of the ride locations having been nailed down yet.  BUT, we've listed the dates of the rides so you can at least mark those days down.  Please check back with us soon for the locations of each ride.

  • 8April
  • 6May
  • 3June
  • 9September
  • 7October
  • 4Novemeber
  • 2December

All rides are on Sunday's and cost per rider is $6.00 and payable at time of the ride to the Ride Manager (Franki, Patty or Diane).  RSVPs should be emailed to "two weeks" prior to the ride.  All other ride information including: directions and start times will be emailed one week prior to the ride, with a confirmation email going out no later than the Friday before the ride.  Finally, a current Coggins is REQUIRED for "all" rides.

Please keep an eye on the website for any changes.  Sometimes our rides are impacted by the weather and competing Park activities.  We adjust things to ensure our rides are safe, enjoyable and a good learning environment for our Riders and their horses.

"A good horse and a good rider are only so in mutual trust." 

    ~H. M. E.