Club News......
"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man." 

    ~Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)
The show is ....

Club Meetings.....
    With the exception of our first meeting, all FSRC's meetings are held at the Bowie Gym, 4100 Northview Dr, Bowie, MD 20716-2624.  Our first meeting is held during our annual banquet, before the awards are handed out.  Below are the dates for 2018.  

March and April's meetings will be combined and be held Ringside during Clean up Day on March 24th
8 November at 7PM (final Club meeting for 2018)

Alternative Competition Programs.....
   For 2018 FSRC has been approved to participate in 3 Alternative Competition Programs.

1. The American Paint Horse Association Alternative Competition Program.  For additional information, please go to:

2. The Open Competition Activities Program (OCAP) with the Pinto Horse Association of America.  For additional information please go to:

3. The Appaloosa Competitive All-Breed Activities Program (ACAAP) with the Appaloosa Horse Club.  For additional information, please go to:
Show Day Parking.....
    Parking has always been a bit of a challenge.  So, to help make things easier and safer for everyone, we’ve come up with a map to help out. Click the horseshoes to download copy.
A couple of other things of note.  First, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you pre-enter for the last show.  It makes things tons easier and can save you a few dollars.  Then lastly, for our Members make sure that you get in your Volunteer Hours for the year.  Remember if you want to be considered for End of Year Awards, your Volunteer Hours must be completed.

If you have "any" questions or concerns, please feel free to drop us an email at