​ Coronavirus Update 

While you may be aware that other parts of our state are beginning to open; it is not safe for us to do so.  Prince George's County currently has 10,400 confirmed cases and over 350 deaths.  Our county leaders have sent notice that no gatherings of more than 10 people should be held before June 1st.  We must continue to do what's right and necessary to protect our collective health & well-being.

We have made the decision to Shut Down our facilities until further notice!  This means Cancelling all of our events & large gathering until our county executives complete their road map to recovery!  

Currently, our Open Horse Show schedule is as follows
June 20th & 21st 
August 8th & 9th
September 26th & 27th
October 17th & 18th
October 24th & 25th
HOWEVER, these dates are still subject to change.

We would also like to hold a Fall Tack Swap on September 12th.

Our Garden Sprouts will begin on September 24th

#1 Although, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE QUARANTINE & SOCIAL DISTANCING, however, we understand that horses have to eat.  Please take all precautions when in public (including at the barn, farm or small horse related gatherings). Wash hands, do your best to NOT touch your face, spend time in the open fresh air & sunshine, DO NOT share food or drinks with ANYONE, STAYING AWAY from those who are more susceptible to infections, and, just as important, clean as many possibly contaminated items as you can.

#2 We are ALL uncomfortable with these changes!  The Maryland Horse Industry Board is doing their best to make sure that you & your equine friends are taking care of.  Please refrain from feeding into the negativity.  Work with your Farm/Barn Managers & DO NOT RISK THEIR BUSINESSES!  THIS TO SHALL PASS.  

#3 Should ANY changes in state and/or county regulations be made, we will adhere to them & keep everyone abreast of these changes via freestateridingclub.org & the Free State Riding Club Facebook page

P.S. Check out our Updated Class List for new Classes!

If you are still with us...THANK YOU FOR READING ALL OF THIS!!!! 

We are already on the hunt for  2020 SPONSORS!!
Choose Grand Champion, Reserve or BOTH.
Sponsors make a biggest difference at our Year End Awards Banquets.
Help us elevate our awards
Fill out a Sponsor form (on the Sponsor Page) &
Email copies of your forms to fsrc1960@aol.com & send payment via PayPal
Mail everything to:
FSRC/Nancy Johnson
8500 Lloyd Station Road,
Bowie, MD 20715

!Always remember!
All horses/ponies entering FSRC grounds must provide a Negative Coggins & proof of the Rhinomune (EHV-1) vaccine. Proof of the Rhinomune (EHV-1) can be either a veterinarian bill or a purchase receipt. Note that any horse/pony without BOTH of these documents will be dismissed from the property.

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